Creation Care

Although New Orleans has long been called the “City That Care Forgot” we are currently experiencing a post Katrina renaissance. Millennials are a large part of this new growth, bringing a progressive worldview with them. Over 40,000 “YURPS” (young urban renewal professionals) in the last five years have made New Orleans home. Many of these young professionals and students value outdoor activities, environmentalism, and service. 

New Orleans is a city with hundreds of parks and green space providing a tremendous opportunity to reach the young families, "YURPS", and students with the gospel of Jesus Christ. “Creation Care” is a ministry of Lakeshore Church where we seek to adopt parks and greenspace in a 1 mile radius of our church. Volunteers wearing "Creation Care" shirts have an opportunity to engage a multitude of people as they serve and share the gospel.  

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Creation Care Shirts (Order Group Shirts from Fund The Nations, specify Lakeshore Church Creation Care select Leigha Green as the Fundraising Coordinator) Shirts must be ordered 30 days prior to serving in New Orleans. 

And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good
— Gen 1:31