Foundations 260

Lakeshore Church invites you to join us in reading through the Foundations 260 New Testament reading plan in 2019. Thank you for joining us on this journey! Every ministry, from our LifeGroups and L3 groups, to our youth, to our Sunday morning sermons, will hone in on the story of Christ and development of His church in the New Testament through this year.

There are several ways you can partner with us in reading through the F260 plan.

First, you can get a hard copy of the F260 NT book and reading plan for Adults, Teens, and Kids at our Welcome Center Sunday morning ($10). If you can't wait for Sunday and want to order one yourself, Replicate Ministries offers links to hard copies of the plan as well.

Second, you can follow along on the Replicate Ministry F260 mobile app for Android or iPhone. 

Third, you can get the YouVersion Bible app and follow their easy-to-use F260 reading plan.

Fourth, you can download a PDF of the F260 NT Reading Plan for your phone or computer, or print a copy to keep in your Bible.