Gospel Life Plan


How are you ordering your life to bring glory to God?

Each day we are given 24 hours. We make decisions on how to use that time - sleeping, eating, working, watching TV, playing with Legos, or working out.

For Christians, God gives each of us 24 hours in a day to bring glory and honor to him. How will you use your time, treasure, and resources to bring glory and honor to God in every area?

Intentionally following and glorifying God requires setting goals. In order to help set goals, we use a tool called the Gospel Life Plan. Set up goals for each area of your life: your walk with Christ (Love God), your leadership and influence in your family and workplace (Lead Well), and your everyday story of living and pursuing Christ (Live the Gospel).

How to use this tool: First, Pray. Seek God’s wisdom for your life. Next, look at the Example Gospel Life Plan below. Read through the Terms to understand the different areas, and be inspired to set goals for your unique life story. Finally, print out or fill out online the Blank Gospel Life Plan. Hang it on your fridge, seek accountability with others, and intentionally set goals to become a disciple of Christ.

Example Gospel Life Plan

Blank Gospel Life Plan

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