Strategic Prayer Partnership

Prayer is the greatest need for a church plant. Doing ministry apart from prayer is doing work in your own strength and power. At Lakeshore Church we covet prayer partnerships and want to invite all of our partners to develop a strategic prayer partnership for the work here in New Orleans. 


10 Practical Ideas for Developing a Strategic Prayer Partnership with Lakeshore Church


1. Read and implement Serving In Your Church Prayer Ministry as Church Wide Emphasis. This is a great resource for laying a solid foundation for a Church Prayer Ministry.

2. Download our Church Planter Profile. Get to know the planter, his family, and ministry context. Print, distribute, and display these in your church.

3. Initiate a specific and regular time to pray for Lakeshore Church. Regularly remind your church of their commitment, responsibility, and privilege to pray. Have them set their phone/clock alarms to the agreed upon time and stop and pray. 

4. Assign Small Groups/Sunday School classes to adopt Lakeshore Leadership as they routinely write prayer cards on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and special occasions.

5. Use quarterly video calls in a church wide service. Ask Lakeshore Leadership to share for 5-10 minutes followed by corporate prayer. 

6. Google Earth the geographic location of Lakeshore Church and pray over this community, addressing the needs, barriers, and lostness.

7. Send a team to pray “on site with insight” at the location of the planter’s community.

8. Use a monthly/weekly update to communicate the prayer needs of Lakeshore Church.

9. Share the Social Media platforms of Lakeshore Church and have your church encourage them with regular messages of “You have been prayed for today.” Twitter: @lakeshorenola; Facebook: @lakeshorenola

10. Create a prayer chain that will commit to immediate prayer for real time ministry requests and needs Lakeshore Church may encounter.

These are just a few practical ways your church can partner with Lakeshore Church as you commit to battle for us through prayer. What a wonderful privilege to have your church participating in the ministry of Lakeshore Church, through meeting our greatest need, having faithful prayer warriors interceding on our behalf.  

“And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart.”

— Luke 18:1, ESV